Authy is retiring its desktop apps this summer

# Authy to Retire Desktop Apps: What Users Need to Know

Authy, a popular 2FA app developed by Twilio, is undergoing a significant update this summer. Among the changes will be the retirement of its desktop apps, with Twilio shifting its focus to mobile platforms. Here’s what users need to know about this transition.

➤ Summary of Changes

– ✍️Enhanced Security:✍️ Twilio’s update promises enhanced security features and a streamlined user interface for Authy.

– ✍️Desktop App Retirement:✍️ Starting in August 2024, Twilio will discontinue its Authy desktop apps and go mobile-only, citing a focus on providing more value to mobile users.

– ✍️Migration to Mobile:✍️ Authy recommends that desktop app users switch to using the mobile app, which offers similar or better security features and automatic token syncing if the Backups feature is turned on.

➤ Importance of 2FA

In today’s digital landscape, setting up personal accounts for various online activities is the norm. With the threat of phishing attacks and data breaches, the need for an extra layer of security is crucial. Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides this additional security by requiring a second form of verification, such as a one-time password from an app like Authy, alongside the usual account password.

➤ Mobile App Update

Twilio’s decision to go mobile-only comes as the company rolls out a significant user interface upgrade for the Authy mobile app, addressing previous concerns about its outdated interface. With a renewed focus on mobile platforms, Authy mobile app users can expect more updates and improvements in the future.

➤ Recommendations for Desktop App Users

Desktop app users are encouraged to switch to the mobile version of Authy. While the transition will happen in August, users are advised to make the switch as soon as possible. For those unable to use the mobile app, there are alternative desktop 2FA products available. However, it’s worth noting that Authy does not have an export feature, so the process of transferring tokens to a new 2FA service must be done manually.

➤ Conclusion

The retirement of Authy’s desktop apps marks a shift in focus for Twilio, with an emphasis on delivering value to mobile users through a revamped Authy mobile app. Users are urged to transition to the mobile app and can expect continued improvements and security features in the future. For those seeking alternatives, a range of desktop 2FA products are available, although manual token transfer is required.


✍️Q: Why is Twilio retiring Authy’s desktop apps?✍️
A: Twilio aims to streamline its focus and provide more value to mobile users, prompting the decision to discontinue Authy’s desktop apps.

✍️Q: Will Authy desktop app users lose access to their 2FA tokens?✍️
A: Users are encouraged to switch to the mobile app, where tokens can sync automatically if the Backups feature is turned on. For those who cannot use the mobile app, manual token transfer is required.

✍️Q: When will the retirement of Authy’s desktop apps take effect?✍️
A: The official transition to a mobile-only model is scheduled for August 2024.

✍️Q: Are there alternatives to Authy’s desktop app for 2FA?✍️
A: Yes, there are alternative desktop 2FA products available for users who are unable to transition to the Authy mobile app.

✍️Q: Can 2FA tokens from Authy be exported to another service?✍️
A: Authy does not have an export feature, so transferring tokens to a new 2FA service must be done manually, involving deactivating Authy from associated accounts and configuring the new 2FA app.

By keeping these changes and recommendations in mind, users can navigate the transition from Authy’s desktop apps to its mobile platform smoothly while ensuring the security of their accounts.

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