Assistant with Bard looks genuinely useful in these leaked screenshots

Google has been working on integrating its AI chatbot, Bard, into the Google Assistant on Android phones. This integration, known as Assistant with Bard, will enable users to interact with the chatbot using text, voice, and images to seek assistance with various tasks. While the release date for Assistant with Bard has not been confirmed, leaked screenshots have provided a glimpse of what the integration may look like on Android mobile devices.

According to leaked images shared by Android app developer Dylan Roussel, activating Assistant with Bard on a device will prompt users to choose between typing, talking, or sharing a photo in a floating popup interface. Once activated, users can prompt the chatbot to help with various tasks, such as capturing information displayed on the screen.

The leaked screenshots also indicate that Google will include different options with each Bard response, such as thumbs up/down and share/export. The interface for Assistant with Bard appears to have a smaller overlay but can be expanded to a full-screen interface if needed. The expanded interface allows users to access a list of ongoing conversations with Bard.

While the exact details and features of Assistant with Bard are still subject to change before its official release, it represents Google’s efforts to stay competitive in the AI chatbot space and accommodate the increasing demand for AI-powered virtual assistants.

➤# FAQ
1. ✍️What is Bard?✍️
Bard is an AI chatbot developed by Google, designed to interact with users and assist them with various tasks.

2. ✍️When will Assistant with Bard be available?✍️
The release date for Assistant with Bard has not been confirmed yet, but it is expected to launch at some point in 2024.

3. ✍️Which devices will initially have access to Assistant with Bard?✍️
Initially, Assistant with Bard may be available on select Android devices, such as the Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24 series.

➤# Conclusion
The leaked screenshots of Assistant with Bard showcase Google’s ongoing efforts to integrate its AI chatbot into the Google Assistant, offering users a multimodal interaction experience. As the integration progresses, users can anticipate a more seamless and feature-rich virtual assistant experience on their Android devices, with the potential for expanded availability in the future. While the specifics of its features and availability are yet to be officially announced, Assistant with Bard holds promise as an innovative addition to the realm of AI-powered virtual assistants.

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