Android Auto’s Google Maps is getting a sleek 3D look

# Google Maps in Android Auto Now Features 3D Buildings

Android Auto has received a significant update with the introduction of 3D buildings on Google Maps. This enhancement offers users a more immersive navigation experience while driving. While the feature is gradually being rolled out to users, it has the potential to revolutionize the way people use navigation in their cars.

The 3D buildings feature for specific cities has been present on Google Maps for more than a decade, and now, Android Auto users can also enjoy this immersive experience in their cars. The update allows for a more detailed view of the surroundings, making it easier for users to identify landmarks and navigate through urban areas.

A Reddit user recently discovered that Maps on Android Auto has started displaying 3D buildings. The buildings appear translucent with the path the user is on in focus. Notably, the navigation feature does not display 3D buildings yet. In addition, the update is not uniformly available to all users, with some seeing it on their phones but not on their car screens.

9to5Google reported that users can now view 3D buildings while navigating on the Maps app for Android. This suggests that Google is gradually expanding the feature to a wider audience. However, the update’s availability on Android Auto remains limited, and it’s uncertain whether this is part of a public release or a limited test.

If you prefer not to view the buildings in 3D or find them intrusive, you can easily turn off the feature through the layers menu. Furthermore, for those who prefer alternative navigation apps on Android, there are numerous options available to explore.

As the rollout continues, Android Auto users can look forward to a more visually engaging navigation experience with the incorporation of 3D buildings in Google Maps.

➤ FAQs

➤# 1. How can I enable 3D buildings on Google Maps in Android Auto?
While the feature is gradually rolling out, you can check if it’s available on your Android Auto by opening Google Maps and looking for the 3D option in the layers menu.

➤# 2. Can I disable the 3D buildings feature in Google Maps on Android Auto?
Yes, you can easily disable the 3D buildings feature by accessing the layers menu in Google Maps and turning off the 3D option.

➤# 3. Are 3D buildings available for all cities in Google Maps on Android Auto?
The availability of 3D buildings in Google Maps on Android Auto may vary by region and city, as the feature is being gradually rolled out to users.

➤# 4. Is the 3D buildings feature available during navigation on Android Auto?
Currently, the 3D buildings feature in Google Maps on Android Auto is not available during navigation, but users can view it when browsing the Maps app.

➤ Conclusion

The introduction of 3D buildings in Google Maps on Android Auto marks a significant upgrade in the navigation experience for users. With this feature, users can expect a more immersive and visually engaging experience while navigating through urban areas in their vehicles. As Google continues to roll out this feature to more users, Android Auto’s capabilities are set to become even more impressive.

The incorporation of 3D buildings in Google Maps on Android Auto is a testament to the continuous evolution of in-car technology, providing a seamless and efficient driving experience for users.

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