Android 14’s post-system update notifications are rolling out

# Android 14’s Post-System Update Notifications Are Rolling Out: What You Need to Know

Google’s post-update summaries are now providing essential information about the new features in Android 14 upgrades, as customized by device manufacturers. Notifications highlighting these new features are currently being rolled out across various devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Asus Zenfone 10, and OnePlus 8 Pro.

When users receive these notifications, they are presented with a screen announcing that their Android device “just got better,” with the option to begin a tour or bypass it. The content of these notifications varies, with the details based on the specific features the devices have received.

For instance, on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the tour not only focuses on recent additions to Android itself but also features in Google apps, introduced as part of the December feature bundle. Highlighted features include Google Maps sharing improvements, highlight videos in Google Photos, and animated emoji in Google Messages. The tour content also showcases improvements to accessibility feature Sound Notifications and the option to protect passkeys with custom PINs.

On the other hand, the Zenfone 10’s tour primarily focuses on Android, highlighting the new monochrome theme, the option to sync health and fitness apps, improved location permission dialogs, flash notifications, the new magnification option in quick settings, and new hearing devices options.

These notifications are not entirely new and are part of Google’s “Android Upgrade Party” initiative introduced in 2022. This initiative enables manufacturers to highlight new features and improve user engagement by customizing the messaging and removing irrelevant feature slides.

In addition to these post-update notifications, there are also other methods through which Google and manufacturers are informing users about new features. This includes notifications from the Pixel Tips app on Pixel phones and changelogs provided by manufacturers, helping users to understand the enhancements in the updated Android version before they decide to install it.


➤# How can users access the Android post-update summaries?
Users will receive a notification on their devices after the Android system update, providing them with the option to tour the new features or skip the tour.

➤# Which devices have received these post-update notifications for Android 14?
So far, the notifications have been reported on devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Asus Zenfone 10, and OnePlus 8 Pro, and are expected to be available on more devices.

➤# Can manufacturers customize the content of these post-update notifications?
Yes, manufacturers have the ability to customize the content of the notifications and may tailor the information to match the specific features of their devices.

➤ Conclusion

These post-update notifications for Android 14 serve as an effective means for users to understand the new features and enhancements that come with the system update. By providing customized information tailored to each device, Google and manufacturers are creating a more engaging and informative experience for users.

With the increasing adoption of these post-update notifications, it is evident that Google’s initiative to improve user engagement and understanding of the updated OS is gaining momentum among Android device manufacturers.

By keeping users informed about the latest features and functionalities, these notifications contribute to a more seamless transition and user experience with each Android system update.

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