7 of the weirdest products we’ve seen at CES 2024

✍️7 Innovative and Unusual Gadgets Unveiled at CES 2024✍️

This year’s CES event in Las Vegas showcased a myriad of technological marvels, from transparent TVs to cars that can be controlled with a PlayStation controller. However, amidst all the cutting-edge innovation, several companies introduced some truly unconventional products. These novelty items ranged from quirky smart home gadgets to clever robotic devices. Here are the seven weirdest and most intriguing product launches from CES 2024.

1. ✍️Rabbit R1: Programmable AI for Every Device✍️
Rabbit’s R1 is a compact gadget aiming to serve as an interface between the user and their smartphone, eliminating the need to physically interact with the phone. With a range of features including a push-to-talk button, camera, scroll wheel, microphones, internal storage, and a SIM card slot, the R1 runs on a custom-built Rabbit OS. The device is designed to enable ChatGPT-like interactions to execute commands on connected devices, regardless of their operating systems.

2. ✍️Samsung Ballie: Projector and Smart Home Assistant in a Compact Sphere✍️
Samsung’s Ballie is a yellow spherical robot that doubles as a smart projector and a smart home control center. Equipped with the ability to detect the user’s posture and facial angle, the Ballie can auto-adjust its projection. Notably, it can also serve as a smart home control center.

3. ✍️Beatbot AquaSense Pro: Smart Pool Cleaning Robot✍️
Beatbot introduced the AquaSense Pro, a pool cleaning robot equipped with AI-powered sensors, filters, and brushes. The robot promises tailored cleaning routines and paths for specific pools, in addition to automatically docking at the surface after each cleaning cycle.

4. ✍️Samsung Music Frame: Art Installation and Incognito Speaker✍️
Samsung unveiled the Music Frame, a small art installation that doubles as a hidden speaker. This unique home accessory can seamlessly blend into any room, displaying static art on the front while concealing a loudspeaker in the back. It is designed to work with Samsung’s SmartThings and can provide surround sound when paired with a Samsung TV and soundbar.

5. ✍️Flappie Smart Catflap: Intelligent Cat Door✍️
The Flappie smart catflap is an innovative solution for pet owners, allowing cats to enter the home while preventing them from bringing in prey. This smart cat door aims to provide a solution to the common issue of pets catching and bringing in unwanted creatures.


1. ✍️What is CES?✍️
CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. The event showcases the latest innovations and technological advancements across various industries.

2. ✍️Where does CES take place?✍️
CES is typically held in Las Vegas, Nevada, at various venues throughout the city.

3. ✍️Are the products unveiled at CES available for purchase immediately?✍️
Not all products showcased at CES are immediately available for purchase. Some are prototypes or concepts, while others may be released later in the year.

4. ✍️How can I learn more about the products from CES?✍️
Many tech publications and websites provide detailed coverage of products and announcements from CES, offering in-depth reviews and insights into the showcased gadgets.


CES 2024 brought to light a diverse range of peculiar yet fascinating gadgets that push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. From AI-enabled pool cleaning robots to spherical smart projectors, these products represent the forefront of technological innovation, catering to a wide array of needs and interests. As the tech industry continues to evolve, events like CES provide a platform for companies to present their most unconventional and imaginative creations, captivating audiences with the promise of a tech-infused future.# The Latest in Tech for Your Pets and Computer Peripherals

We live in a world where technology advancements are not limited to just humans, but also extend to our beloved furry friends and everyday gadgets. From smart pet collars to innovative computer peripherals, the latest tech innovations are giving us a glimpse into the future of pet care and sustainable technology. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most intriguing advancements showcased at recent tech events.

➤ Flappie: A Smart Cat Door with Biometric Authenticator

Imagine a cat door that not only gives your feline friend the freedom to come and go but also doubles as a biometric authenticator. Meet Flappie, a high-tech cat door that relies on AI to identify prey such as birds and mice, sealing the entrance shut if it detects any such activity. Controlled remotely through a companion app, Flappie also keeps track of your pet’s escapades and is designed to fend off other animals looking to misuse the cat flap. While it may not completely outsmart all sly cats, it’s a promising step in managing your pet’s outdoor adventures.

➤ Invoxia Minitailz Smart Pet Collar: An Apple Watch for Your Pet

Continuing the trend of smart pet tech, the Invoxia Minitailz smart pet collar is designed to provide insights into the health and well-being of your pets. Priced at $100, this gadget not only serves as a fitness tracker for your pet but also features a GPS tracker, allowing you to monitor your pet’s whereabouts. While skepticism remains about its accuracy, the product has won seven international awards, making it a noteworthy addition to the world of pet care technology.

➤ Lenovo’s Keyboard and Mouse Prototypes: Fidgeting to Stay Alive

Shifting gears from pet tech to sustainability in the world of computer peripherals, Lenovo’s keyboard and mouse prototypes offer a unique approach. The keyboard features solar panels, similar to those in calculators, to convert visible light into energy. Additionally, it includes a free-spinning knob that serves as a fidget mechanism to recharge the battery. As for the mouse, it requires manual fidgeting with a wind-up mechanism to keep it powered, reminiscent of wind-up flashlights. While these concepts raise questions about practicality, they open up conversations about sustainable technology and energy-saving innovations in everyday devices.


➤# Are these products available for purchase?

At present, these products are either prototypes or newly introduced innovations showcased at tech events. Availability and release dates may vary, so it’s recommended to stay updated through official announcements from the respective companies.

➤# How do these gadgets benefit pet owners?

These gadgets offer pet owners greater insight and control over their pets’ activities and well-being, providing peace of mind and enhancing the overall care experience.

➤# What sets these computer peripherals apart from traditional devices?

The focus on sustainability and energy efficiency stands out in these prototypes, highlighting a shift towards environmentally conscious design in everyday tech gadgets.

➤ Conclusion

The world of technology continues to surprise us with innovative and forward-thinking creations, expanding beyond human-centric innovations and reaching into the realm of pet care and sustainability. While these advancements may be in early stages, they offer a glimpse into a future where our pets are equipped with smart and health-monitoring gadgets, and our everyday devices are designed with a focus on environmentally-friendly features. Keep an eye out for these developments as they pave the way for a tech-enhanced future for both pets and humans.

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