6 things the Pixel Tablet needs to fix for 2024

✍️6 Things Google Pixel Tablet Needs to Improve for 2024✍️

The Google Pixel Tablet is an interesting concept that aims to serve as a dual-purpose device, functioning as both a regular Android tablet and a smart home hub. However, there are several areas where the Pixel Tablet falls short of fully justifying either of these roles, making it less compelling in the competitive tablet market. In order to enhance its appeal as a smart home hub and an Android tablet, there are certain aspects that need to be addressed and improved for the 2024 model.

✍️Continued Conversation✍️

One area that needs improvement is the absence of Continued Conversation feature on the Pixel Tablet. This feature, which is available on other Google Assistant-enabled devices, allows the Assistant to continue listening for follow-up commands without requiring the wake word to be repeated. Its absence on the Pixel Tablet undermines its usability as a smart home hub and can be frustrating for users.

✍️Multi-User Voice Recognition✍️

Voice Match, a feature that enables multi-user voice recognition, is a core function on Google Assistant devices such as Nest speakers, providing personalized results based on individual users’ voices. However, this important feature is currently lacking on the Pixel Tablet, limiting its suitability for multi-user households.

✍️Switching Users with the Fingerprint Scanner✍️

While the Pixel Tablet offers multi-user profile support, the process of switching between profiles could be streamlined by leveraging the device’s fingerprint scanner. Allowing users to quickly and seamlessly switch to their respective profiles through the fingerprint reader would enhance the overall user experience and convenience.

✍️Confusing Interface✍️

The Pixel Tablet’s interface can be confusing due to its dual functionality as a tablet and a smart home screen. In its Hub Mode, which emulates a Nest Hub, the tablet’s operating system conflicts with some Android apps, resulting in separate operations for tasks such as casting music and playing content, leading to a disjointed user experience.


In summary, there are several key areas that Google should focus on improving for the 2024 iteration of the Pixel Tablet. Enhanced voice recognition features, streamlined user profile switching, and a more cohesive interface are essential for the Pixel Tablet to effectively serve as a smart home hub while offering a seamless Android tablet experience.


1. ✍️Can the Pixel Tablet function as a smart home hub?✍️
The Pixel Tablet is designed to serve as a smart home hub in addition to functioning as an Android tablet. However, certain improvements are needed to fully realize its potential in this role.

2. ✍️Does the Pixel Tablet support multi-user functionality?✍️
While the Pixel Tablet does support multi-user profiles, it lacks certain features such as multi-user voice recognition that are essential for a seamless multi-user experience.

3. ✍️What is Continued Conversation, and why is it important?✍️
Continued Conversation is a feature that allows the Google Assistant to listen for follow-up commands without requiring the wake word to be repeated. Its absence on the Pixel Tablet limits its usability as a smart home hub and can be frustrating for users.

4. ✍️How can Google improve the Pixel Tablet’s interface?✍️
Google can enhance the Pixel Tablet’s interface by streamlining its dual functionality as a tablet and a smart home screen to provide a more cohesive user experience.

5. ✍️What are the potential benefits of leveraging the fingerprint scanner for user profile switching?✍️
Using the fingerprint scanner for seamless user profile switching can enhance convenience and user experience, particularly in multi-user households, by allowing quick access to individual profiles.

6. ✍️Is Google expected to address these shortcomings in the 2024 version of the Pixel Tablet?✍️
While specific details about the 2024 version of the Pixel Tablet are not available, addressing these issues would likely be a priority for Google in order to enhance the device’s functionality and user appeal.# 6 Things the Pixel Tablet Needs to Fix for 2024

With the release of the Pixel Tablet, Google entered the mid-range tablet market, aiming to provide an innovative form factor and seamless user experience. However, the device has received criticism for some of its features and functionalities. Here are some key areas the Pixel Tablet needs to address for 2024.

➤ User Interface

The Pixel Tablet currently has two separate YouTube Music players in the notification shade, which can lead to a confusing user experience. Users are often uncertain about how the tablet will respond to voice commands and when switching between modes. Google needs to refine the software to make the user interface more seamless, whether in voice control or app navigation.

➤ Casting Audio to the Dock

The Pixel Tablet comes with a dock that serves as a smart home hub, featuring pogo pins for charging and an integrated speaker. However, the tablet becomes virtually useless when not connected to the dock. Google missed an opportunity by not allowing the tablet to function independently as a cast target. The company should consider enhancing the tablet’s usability without the dock to add more value for users.

➤ Dock Design and Functionality

The design and functionality of the dock have also faced criticism. Users have noted that it is challenging to remove the tablet from the dock without also lifting the dock itself. Additionally, pressing the side buttons on the tablet can cause it to dislodge from the dock. A second-generation model with improved ergonomics and better implementation, such as magnetic Qi2 wireless charging, could address these usability issues.

➤ Smart Speaker Integration

The Pixel Tablet’s dock, priced at $129, incorporates a speaker that has been compared unfavorably to the inexpensive Nest Mini. Users have expressed that for the same price, they could acquire larger and more capable smart speakers, which offer superior audio experiences. Google should consider reimagining the integration of its smart speaker technology into the Pixel Tablet ecosystem.

➤ Software Updates

Many of the issues with the Pixel Tablet can potentially be resolved through software updates. Google can use this opportunity to enhance the user experience by addressing the identified shortcomings and refining the performance and feature set. Timely software updates are crucial for users who have already invested in the device.

➤ Conclusion

While the Pixel Tablet has the potential to be a compelling mid-range option, it currently faces several limitations that hinder its desirability. Addressing these issues through software updates and refining the hardware design could significantly improve the overall experience for users. As Google continues to evolve its tablet offerings, it has an opportunity to rectify these shortcomings and solidify its position in the tablet market.


➤# Is the Pixel Tablet worth buying despite its issues?

The Pixel Tablet has an innovative form factor and with some software improvements, it could become a worthwhile purchase. If the identified issues are not deal-breakers for you, the device may still offer value for its price.

➤# Will Google address the identified problems with the Pixel Tablet?

Google has the opportunity to address the issues through software updates and potentially in future hardware iterations. It’s advisable to stay updated on Google’s announcements and releases for potential resolutions.

➤# Should potential buyers wait for a second-generation Pixel Tablet?

Given the identified issues, waiting for a potential second-generation release with enhanced hardware and software features could be a prudent choice for those considering purchasing the Pixel Tablet.

The Pixel Tablet has the potential to be a competitive offering in the mid-range tablet market, but it needs to resolve the identified shortcomings to enhance its standing among consumers. With the right refinements, it could become a more compelling option for users seeking an innovative and effective tablet experience.

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