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    Guardian Muslim Britain Special Report

From the 17th-21st June, the Guardian printed a series of articles on Muslims in Britain as part of a special report. In the words of the Guardian leader on the 19th of June the series was an attempt ‘to shine the light wider and more penetratingly on the lives, hopes and fears of Britain's Muslims. If they did not know it already, readers will now be aware of how often the reality differs radically from the cruder stereotypes.’

This poll is part of our review of the Guardian series in which we attempt to gauge the success of the series. It is also an attempt to identify and highlight examples of balanced and fair reporting of Muslims in Britain, to be upheld as examples of best practice.

We would be extremely grateful therefore if you could take a few minutes to answer the questions below. Your identity will remain anonymous but the age and gender data may be used to look for any trends in opinions between different age groups and the gender divide.

Click here to look at poll questions

Click Here to download poll results (pdf document)

All the articles in the series were included in FAIR’s Daily News Digest. Below are links to a selection of the articles from the series.

All articles in the series can be found on the Guardian website at:


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    Article Selection

The need to belong – but with a strong faith
Alan Travis

No faith in the media
Muslims make up more than 3% of the UK population - so why are they so under-represented in newspaper offices and television studios, asks Ahmed Versi

Believers try to live with a free and easy culture
Paul Kelso

Barrister pioneers new career with social centre for young professional Muslims
Rebecca Allison

From scholarship, sailors and sects to the mills and the mosques.

Our Muslim future
Britain and Islam can make it together

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