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Building a National Plan Against Racism

The formulation of this document is the response by FAIR to the request made by the 1990 Trust to its position paper entitled, “The National Action Plan and Religious Discrimination”, itself a response to the UK Government’s own document, “Building a National Plan Against Racism” (NAPAR).

The FAIR paper welcomes the invitation made by the 1990 Trust and the recognition made in its position paper that Islamophobia is “the most qualitatively significant discrimination” in the current climate. The FAIR paper also calls for the need to incorporate discrimination based upon markers of religion with other, more traditional forms of racism. FAIR insists that the Government honours it commitment to the national recommendations and actions arising from the World Conference Against Racism in Durban 2001.  The paper discusses various aspects of  religious discrimination in depth.

FAIR Response 1990 Trust NAPAR