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The Employment Status of Imams

This paper is a Muslim response to the Government "Discussion Document on Employment Status in Relation to Statutory Employment Rights", published in July 2002. It is a joint response between FAIR, the Muslim College, and the Al-Khoei Foundation.
The Government’s discussion paper seeks views on the proposed extension of some statutory employment rights, to certain groups who are currently excluded such as clergy and by extension, ‘ministers’ of other religions.

Historically, clergy have been afforded no employment rights and cannot seek redress through the courts for unfair dismissal or other grievances. When this principle has been challenged through the courts it has been successfully upheld and case law has also applied this principle to other religions.1

For the purposes of this response in particular, the case of Imams is specifically considered and as such this response has been put together in consultation with number of Imams, Muslim professionals and Muslim organizations throughout the UK.

The Employment Status of Imams Submission